Layer package in web map - why not?

Discussion created by mfoster73 on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by denverbiz
Hi -
I understand from searching the forums that i cannot add a layer package to my web map.  This is frustrating.  Similarly, i cannot create a feature service from my .mxd if it has a layer package in it.  Basically, i would like to create a web map for a colleague to look at and explore that contains the wonderful USA Rivers and Streams layer package.  He does not have ArcGIS desktop, so ideally i'd like to put another layer of interest (priority areas) into a web map with the layer package so that he can use it for report development.  This doesn't seem to be possible, and there are no similar map services or feature services with the same functionality and detail as USA Rivers and Streams.  I have also downloaded the layer package, exported it as a shapefile, and considered uploading that to my ArcGIS Online account.  Unfortunately, this greatly exceeds the 1,000 feature limit for shapefiles, and also would not contain the slick labels that are embedded in the layer package.  Any thoughts?  I thought that the purpose of AGOL was to foster this sort of 'mashing up', but so many of the useful maps to use are stored as layer packages...  I guess i'll give him a JPEG (or several) :(.