Collector 10.1.11 and attachments not visible?

Discussion created by timmerspk on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by timmerspk
We've got a hosted feature service on arcgis.com with attachments and people are collecting in Mobile and Collector and we're not seeing the attachments in 10.1.11.   I can go to the web app on arcgis.com and see them.  They are listed on Collector and you can "download" them but you can't view them.  I can share the map and app if you want to see them.

This is on both iOS (5.1) and Android HTC (4.0).

Nice to be able to login to arcgis.com.

But I must be doing something wrong with sharing with arcgis.com.   We've got a web map created by one user that's shared to the entire organisation.  How come I can't see that with another user in that organisation in Collector?