Web adaptor using server domain instead of name - cannot connect

Discussion created by abrown31 on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by bubbahey25
This is for internal testing, so none of these servers are forward-facing.

I set up a web adaptor on our intranet web box and I was able to successfully configure it to our GIS box, which is on the same network. Unfortunately, when I try to browse to the GIS box through the web adaptor, I get the message "Cannot resolve server server.company.com."

When I registered the GIS server to the web adaptor, I simply used the internal server name:


Upon testing the adaptor, it appended the primary DNS suffix to the hostname, "server.company.com", which isn't going to work because you cannot see the GIS server through server.company.com:6080.

It appears that the web adaptor automatically added the DNS suffix to the hostname, causing a problem. How can I disable this? I tried the server IP instead and it still didn't work.