Publishing - Trying to write script that analyzes MXD, but doesn't publish (10.1)

Discussion created by 95vtec on Mar 7, 2013
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Hi all, this is my first post so be gentle. 

At my office we have roughly 10,000 mxds that need to be transfered to a new server and then published. That being said we are constantly thinking of ways to speed up the process. One thught would be to not go through the process of clicking File --> Share As ---> Service etc... Instead, we would like to create a python script that will analyze the current MXD but not publish it..basically just give us a list of errors from just clicking on a script.  Is this possible? We seem to have alot of issues that need to be fixed before publishing so this script would end up being practial/useful.

I know there are easy scripts to do this outside of ArcMap, but having it as tool or script that could utilize the 'CURRENT' would be great.