Local Geoprocessing Bugs

Discussion created by rocksthehouse24 on Mar 7, 2013
I've followed the SDK example to run a geoprocessing solve route task. I've finally managed to get it working (encountered some bugs along way see below) but I can't get the output spatial reference to work on the geoprocessor class. My polyline is always returned as 4326 even though my map is 102100. I've tried setting OutputSpatialReference and ProcessSpatialReference and both together but still no change. My input points are both 102100.

The other issues I had when running through the sample were initally I left off the last part of the model - the select data bit.
When I started the service it never returned via the async call so I never got any error message it just disappeared! Then I tried the synchronous method and it returned but with no error message, just a null URL. Then I changed my model to include the last part and it all started working. So it doesn't seem to be at all robust.

The other issue I had was when publishing the package I hadn't given a description for one of the parameters. I also noticed on the dialog for the package publishing I hadn't filled in various mandatory description fields. So I filled them in first but then when I went to the item description dialog to add the parameter description the edit button had disappeared! In the end I discovered if I ignored the missing descriptions on the publishing dialog (even though it says you must fill them in) the edit button would then appear for the parameter and I could fill in its description. I could then publish the package successfully! So there appear to be some gremlins in that area as well.

Finally with my service area tool I can only package it if I only have one input parameter. Why is this?
For a service area tool I'd like to be able to specify the breaks, NA layer and stops at run time as parameters to the local service.