Discussion created by gkar68 on Mar 6, 2013
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I am migrating .NET code from 9.3 to 10.1
The code is using
IFeatureClass.Update(queryfileter, true) where true is for recycling.

I know recycling should not be used when we do update, and actually it was permitted on 9.3 in spite of being undesirable, and it is totally prevented on 10.1

On 10.1 the code is not working, so I assumed it is because of the recycle, and I did change it to false.

And here my first question. If it is not permitted , then why you give it as an option in 10.1 when we open a cursor of update?

Is it possible to use it in 10.1 with recycle being true?

and my second question.
After I changed it to false, I was able to successfully update the features.
It worked for all kind of update.
But it is hanging on one place, where I am selecting more that 100,000 rows at once.

The IFeatureClass.Update is hanging, without doing anything.

I want to ask if any one has any idea on how to do what I am doing on 10.1

P.S, I am maintaining very bad written and messy code, and what I need is just to migrate it to 10.1 with the less modification possible.