arcgisruntime_* Temp space not deleted

Discussion created by brassier on Mar 6, 2013
Hello -

Fairly frequently, the arcgisruntime_* temp space is not fully deleted.  This doesn't always happen.  It seems to be based on some timing, and there seems to be a *.gdb\timestamps file which is often the troublemaker.  An Access Violation happens when the runtime tries to delete this file.  Using Procmon we can see that after the access violation, another process eventually closes its access to this file.  So if the delete happened later, it would have been fine.

Oddly, this seems to only happen when we proactively stop our services.  We loop through each LocalService, and call the synchronous Stop() method.  After all are stopped, we call Shutdown() on the LocalServer.  If we don't do any of these proactive stops, the cleanup seems to finish every time.

Is this a known issue?  Is it possibly fixed in 10.1.1?  Is the suggestion to simply not proactively shut down the services?