Moving Points to the largest Polygon within the bounds of a Different Polygon

Discussion created by mcwhitehead on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2013 by kimo
So I am attempting to move points (or at least capture their lat/long in fields) to the largest polygon from one feature class bound by a different feature class. Basically I am trying to combine address point data, parcel data, and LiDAR building footprints.

What I've done so far is added an X and Y field to the parcel data and calculated geometry to find the X and Y coordinates of the centroid. I did a spatial join of the point data to the parcel data and exported just the table. I then added the table and calculated XY based on the new XY fields I created. I exported the data efficitvly creating a new point feature class with all the original attribution but now located and the parcel centroid.

I tried the same process with the building footprints to attempt to move the points to the nearest footprint. What I am looking to do, however, is move the points to the largest footprint bound by the parcel that contains the corresponding footprints.

I know this is a bit hard to follow and will answer any questions to clarify what I'm trying to do. Does anyone have any ideas?