Kriging export to raster cell size

Discussion created by jh5574 on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by EKrause-esristaff
Hello all- I have created a kriging map in ArcMap 10, when I try to export to a raster I am givin a default output cell size of 2.36038413599999E-04 which works fine, and creates a raster with cell sizes of 0.000236 meters. However, this is too small for what I am trying to accomplish and when I try to readjust my output cell size to any other value (1,5,10,20, etc.) it produces a bogus map with a cell size of (0,0) and a max and min value of 3.40282e+038 which wont display. I've tried a few different coordinate systems and projections with little results. I would appreciate it if anyone that experienced a similar problem and figured out a solution, or even had some suggestions could shed some light on this situation. Thanks, Jason