Data Reviewer in WMX

Discussion created by hadas522222 on Mar 1, 2013

We are working with WMX (sp5) several years (jtx in the past) and its works fine. From time to time we update/upgrade our workflows. Therefore I have two questions:

1) I post install data reviewer into wmx schema. I added a step: "create a Reviewer session" to the workflow. When I choose the Reviewer Workspace as "WMX data workspace connection" its work fine, but when I choose "personal or file geodatabase" I get an error that says that the gdb don't have reviewer table. I expected that this step will create those tables the same as it does at ArcMap when I start session of RD.

2) I can't figure the WMX concept of sending emails. I configure the SMTP mail and I succeeded to send a mail to myself. What I would like to know is how to send an email to somebody else, with this scenario: first step "define AOI" this step assigned   to team leader, the second step is "Open ArcMap" this step assigned to editor.  I would like to know how to send him an email because when I reassign it to editor this step become disable for team leader.