Please Help - Arrarydate compile error

Discussion created by jaykappy on Jun 9, 2010
I have soem code running on my computer and everything works fine.
I open the project on another computer and I get this error:

arraydate compile error:
cannot find project or library

I first though of the referneces in the Visual Basic editor so I looked there...seems that there were more checked when the other computer opened the project but all that were checked while I had it open were checked when the other computer had it checked.
I am very confused here. Anyone know what reference (if thats the problem) the arraydate would use?

Hoe can it work on my computer and when I open the exact same mxd it dosent work on the other computer.

Please help

THank you......

' snip

           ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------
           ' Populate the list box with the jpg found in the search based off UNIQUEID
           ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------
            ' Set the wildcard search for the UNIQUEID selected.
            Dim ImageName As String
            ImageName = ""
            ImageName = "*" & Test8 & "*"
            ' Get the images and populate the ListBox in the form using the variable above
            Dim colFiles As New Collection
            'The RecursiveDir function below allows us to find all files beneath a certain point in the directory tree
            'The Dir function offers a convenient solution to finding files in a single folder
            RecursiveDir colFiles, "C:\Pfdata\JUNO_DATA_COLLECTION\RETURNED_FILES\Images\Outfalls", ImageName, True
            'RecursiveDir colFiles, "S:\GIS_Data\Users\Engineering\Data\Images\JPG\RBL_Fieldstone", "*.jpg", True
            Dim varcount As Integer
            varcount = 0
            Dim vFile As Variant
            For Each vFile In colFiles
                    varcount = varcount + 1
                     Dim File2 As String
                     File2 = vFile
                'MsgBox File2
                    arryDate = Split(File2, "\")
                    strDate6 = arryDate(6)

                     ' Populate the list box with values
                     frm_Outfalls_Images.ListBox1.AddItem (strDate6)
            Next vFile
           ' Open the form

' snip