Having issues with popup direction

Discussion created by hingkyzer on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by hingkyzer
On this sample page:


when I mouse over the furthest east icon near the top of the page the popup always opens in a direction of upper right and goes out of view.  I've added my own logic and find the point of the mouseover and figure out which way the popup is to open.  I even output the line that opens the popup, map.infoWindow.show(mapPoint,esri.dijit.InfoWindow.ANCHOR_LOWERLEFT);

How do I make the popup open to lower left?  I tried map.infoWindow.setFixedAnchor but get this error message if using that function (which I found in the manual):  map.infoWindow.setFixedAnchor is not a function

Is there a way on this map to make mouseovers near the top of the page have popups that go down?