Cannot maintain editable element of feature service.

Discussion created by ldcarto on Feb 28, 2013
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I am using a trial version of ArcGIS Online for Organizations and am having problems setting a feature service to remain editable.   Using a zipped shapefile that I uploaded onto ArcGIS.com, I was able to create a feature service so that the symbols are as I want, the pop-up configuration was set, I created aliases, etc.  It was set up as an editable feature service at that time and I did have an Edit button on my toolbar.  Once I saved the web map, however, I can no longer edit that feature service through that web map.  The symbols held through, the aliases stayed, but the Edit button isn't even on my screen when I open the web map again.  If I show the Contents in the TOC, and bring up the tools for the feature service, I don't get the option to Enable Editing or Disable Editing either.  The only way it seems to let me edit the feature service again is to open the feature service directly from My Gallery and select 'Open with full editing control', but then I lost my symbology, aliases, pop-up configuration, etc. and have to do that all over again. 
Isn't there a way to maintain the editing capabilities of the feature service through the web map already created?  I can do that using the free version of ArcGIS Online and add a zipped shapefile through ArcGIS.com.  It doesn't create a feature service, but it still holds the symbology, pop-up configuration, aliases, etc. for the shapefile there and if I set it up as editable, it stays editable every time I open the web map.  What do I need to do differently through ArcGIS Online for Organizations to accomplish this same outcome?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Lisa Dygert