Geoprocessing Service that sends data to another server

Discussion created by doncatanzaro on Feb 28, 2013
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Hi All,

I need to take input from my Flex Viewer application and pass values from user selections and map attributes to a server that is not running ArcGIS Server.  These values would be certain user selected options and the foreign key (e.g. MapIDs) for the shapefile.  This second server (not running ArcGIS Server) would then do some sophisticated stats on the user options and data residing in a database on that server, and then return the foreign key and new values that will be rendered on the screen as colors.

I can control the non-ArcGIS Server but am severely limited in what I can do on the ArcGIS Server (it is not under my control). 

Talking things over with our dev team we thought about running a Geoprocessing Service on the ArcGIS Server that is in essence just a proxy - it would receive the user selected options and then just pass these our non-ArcGIS server. 

Does this sound feasible ?  If so I am a little fuzzy on exactly how we would be doing this.  Any suggestions ?

Thanks !