Both external capabilities file and SLD file for 10.1 WMS?

Discussion created by JShramek-esristaff Employee on Feb 28, 2013
I have an AGS 10.1 service with WMS enabled that I'd like to be able to both:

--provide additional projections, which means using an external capabilities file, AND
--enable legend support, which means using an SLD (style) file

I know that GetLegendGraphic is supported by default, since 10.0, but I need clients to automatically "see" the legend.  The LegendUrl that's sent for a GetLegendGraphic request is for only one layer at a time, not a whole service.  That support requires the sld file.

The ESRI documentation shows you how to point a service to an SLD file only when using a dynamically-generated capabilities file.  Can anyone tell me how to refer to an SLD file in a manually created external capabilities file (if possible)?