In very general terms, how do I give an exisitng Oracle DB a spatial component

Discussion created by Augy on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by mboeringa2010
Our organization recently upgraded to ArcGIS for Server.  In the past, I maintained 3 important feature classes (2 point features and 1 polyine feature) in a File Geodatabase.  Now that we have Server, I have moved 2 of the feature classes from the file gdb to a SQL Enterprise database (sde) so that I can edit and maintain those 2 features.  The remaining feature is our Customer list.  The mast customer list has been and still is maintained in an Oracle database.  That data was periodically exported and then imported into the File Geodatabase and geocoded in order to show the customer locations on a map.

I don't maintain the customer database.  However, I do still need to show the locations on maps.  With Server, I am thining I should be able to connect to the Oracle Database and then add that data to the map that way.  What I don't know is just how to go about this...

Does the Oracle db get a spatial component added to it?  Or, is there a feature added to the SQL Enterprise db and then connected to a common field in the Oracle db?

i am very new to Server, Oracle, and SQL so any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm just trying to first get a feel for the general way this should work....then figure out the how-to's of it.