Order neighboring polygons by attribute value

Discussion created by D.E.Smith99 on Feb 26, 2013

i am trying to speed up a tool we have built. The slowest part is the ordering of neighboring objects based on the lowest attribute value.

Current logic is:
1) select a polygon based on it containing a point feature class. Set its order attribute to 1. this is the seed and is stored as an in_memory data set
2) Select all polygons that touch the boundary of the seed (select by location).
3) remove the original seed object from the new selection (note #2 selects the original seed)
4) open an Update Cursor on the selected features from #3 in ascending order
5) access the first row set its order attribute to 2 and append it to the seed object and start again.

its kind of messy as we have to do a bunch of make feature layer for the selection process.

any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.