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When should I add a new Virtual Machine ?

Question asked by kirkktx on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by spredar
Suppose I have Windows Server 2008 with hyper V, running just one virtual machine with ArcGIS Server installed on it.

As I add more mapservices and performance slows, I'm faced with a choice: either add a new virtual machine to the server and then add it as a new machine the the ArcGIS site, or just allocate more resources (memory/cpu) to the existing virtual  machine.

More generally ...
What are the tradeoffs between having a lot of virtual machines (each running as a machine in an ArcGIS site) with just a few mapservices on each machine, vs having just a few virtual machines with more memory/cpu allocated to each server but with more mapservices running on each?

I have a site license, so licensing costs are not an issue.