.tpk supported or not?

Discussion created by axelpoki on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by schmedly

I have tried reading from local storage using the Samples:
where it says: "With the ArcGIS for Android SDK local data can be a compact cache or tile package (.TPK)"

The sample works great for the provided compact cache example, but it is also supposed to work for .tpk files, right? In the source-code comments, however, it says the following:
"(Tile Packages or .tpk's are not currently supported)." This was written sometime in 2012, probably june.

I have tried reading a .tpk-file I have generated in ArcMap ( but it does not display.

So: Is reading .tpk-files from local storage currently supported or not? If so, could you give me a path-example? (Simply giving the path to the file on the SD does not seem to work).