Collector Pros and Cons

Discussion created by Benmosquito on Feb 26, 2013
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I have been using Collector now for about a month with great success. My company is considering launching the app on a much wider scale which seems to be a good idea, however from previous experiences I have found that new problems come out after employment that weren't caught in testing. I would like your input on pros and any cons (errors) you have encountered while using Collector. I will start the list below, thank you for your input.

Easy field collection and update of Feature Services
Tracking phones in the field
Ability to attach photos to features
Ability to navigate to features
The ease of updating the app through ArcGIS online
The simple interface
The ability to use the app on both Android and iOS
Integration with Dashboard

Can't stream vertices (no polygon and line features)
No disconnected editing
Limited documentation
Difficult sending maps to the phone (no option to import the map from ArcGIS online)
No ability to login as a user until the map link is shared