Mapping Attribute Data to Layer Groups

Discussion created by jtylermcclendon on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by dknolan
Hello, first time poster, please forgive any idiocy.  Not entirely sure this is the correct forum topic to post under.

I have a few thousand shapefiles which include attributes for "FARM" and "FIELD".  The meaning of these attributes is literally that one FARM consists of several FIELDS.  The logical layer grouping is to have a layer group for each FARM, with multiple FIELDs in the group.

The files are names so that the name of the FIELD is the name of the file and thus the name of the layer upon import.  What I am hoping I can do is associate the FARM attribute with a layer group to automatically create layer groups upon import rather than manually create layer groups based on the FARM attributes and group each of the fields with the appropriate layer group.  E.g. if there are two shapefiles, one each for two fields, the FARM attribute might be "Mann" for both of the fields and the FIELD attribute would be "MN01" and "MN02" respectively.  The import would ideally create layers named "MN01" and "MN02" which rolled up to the layer group "Mann" also created upon import.

Furthermore, it would be great if the attribute of FARM would be associated with the layer group name so that if the layer group name changed it would also change the attributes of the shapefiles.