Update Source of PictureMarkerSymbol Stopped working with 10.1.1

Discussion created by dgfhunter on Feb 25, 2013
Changing the source of the picturemarkersymbol on an accelerated layer does not cause the symbol on the map to be redrawn after updating to 10.1.1.

Currently, since symbols currently do not rotate we are rotating and redrawing the image to a memorystream and creating a BitmapImage from the memorystream. The picturemarkersymbol source is then set to the BitmapImage. As I said, this worked before 10.1.1...

Seems to work if you set the URISource of the BitmapImage, but not the StreamSource...

Also, when switching to 10.1.1 the picturemarkersymbol no longer rotates with the map when the map is rotated. Is this expected, or is this a mistake? I would just like to know what the expected behaviour should be?

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows how to solve this!