Geocoding bug for "Frankfurt", Germany?

Discussion created by ewgriswold on Feb 22, 2013
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Made a map on ArcGIS.com:


of the locations of all the grounded Boeing 787's based on data from this Airchive.com blog posting:


Used name of city ("PresentCity") with country only as the location data.

One airplane (ANA's JA805A) is grounded in Frankfurt, Germany, which was once in the former West Germany.  Actually Frankfurt's full name is Frankfurt am Main, because there is another Frankfurt east of Berlin on the Oder river (present-day border with Poland), located in the former East Germany.  That city's full name is Frankfurt an der Oder and it is much smaller than Frankfurt am Main.

ArcGIS.com too my entry of "Frankfurt" and placed the location point on Frankfurt an der Oder. 

While I realize I could add and joinn additional data to move the point to the larger Frankfurt, I think ArcGIS should move the default to Frankfurt am Main.