Secure service differently for each user

Discussion created by ciprianster on Feb 21, 2013
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I could not find any way to secure a map service (neither dynamic nor cached) so that the authenticated user could see/query/find only its assigned extent. I want to have only one service for a large number of users and each user should be allowed to consume only the data from within the contour of a feature (i.e. a county) or from within a rectangular extent that is assigned differently for each user.
Is it possible? Can it be done with a SOE (to interfere with the export/query/data capabilities)?
Or can I use a proxy server that could filter the responses?
I want this to be done at the server level as I do not have complete control of the user's clients that consume the service.
Creating different services for each user (or group of users) could lead to hundreds of services that the server could not handle.

Can you give me an idea about how I could implement a request like this?