Search Service and mapped client drives?

Discussion created by maphew on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by carywg
With ArcGIS Server (10.1), is it possible to register a folder to the Search Service for indexing using one path, and serve it to users with another? how?

For example the server sees \\geodata-server\data and \\geodata-server\maps while the clients use Z:\ and Y:\ respectively.

Under .../arcgiserver:6080/arcgis/manager/site.html >> Date Store I've registered and validated the folders, and successfully published map services with these settings, but the data store settings appear to be ignored by Search Service: search results in the clients show the UNC path.

Data Store:

[INDENT]   Name: Repository
   Publisher Folder Path: Z:\
   Publisher Folder Hostname: geodata-server
   Server Folder Path: \\geodata-server\data

I already tried just using the same mapped drive settings on the arcgis server, but that doesn't work as the server account isn't an interactive logon account and thus the mappings never come into effect.