Mapbook with Separate Left and Right layouts

Discussion created by maotseduck on Feb 21, 2013
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I've been working on a mapbook for awhile, and have two layouts (left.mxd and right.mxd)

I've been trying to use the script from ESRI that's supposed to mesh the two together, but I can't seem to get it to work.  Last night I started it before I left, and it looked like it was working, but when I came in this morning the map pages were basically wireframes of the actual pages (you can see the outlines of the dataframe, the scale bar, and the outlines of the various text boxes)

Can anyone help me de-bug my script or offer a better way to do this?


import arcpy, os

# Create an output directory variable
outDir = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED"  

# Create a new, empty pdf document in the specified output directory
finalpdf_filename = outDir + r"\FinalMB.pdf"
if os.path.exists(finalpdf_filename):
finalPdf = arcpy.mapping.PDFDocumentCreate(finalpdf_filename)

# Add the title page to the pdf (skipping for now)
# Add the index map to the pdf

# Create Facing Pages for the map book
# Create pages for left-hand side of the book
mxdPathLeft = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED\left.mxd"
tempMapLeft = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxdPathLeft)
tempDDPLeft = tempMapLeft.dataDrivenPages

# Loop creates individual pdf's for odd numbered pages
for pgNumLeft in range(1, tempDDPLeft.pageCount + 1, 2):
  temp_filename = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED\MB_" + \
                            str(pgNumLeft) + ".pdf"
  if os.path.exists(temp_filename):
  tempDDPLeft.exportToPDF(temp_filename, "RANGE", pgNumLeft)

# Create pages for right-hand side of the book
mxdPathRight = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED\right.mxd"
tempMapRight = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxdPathRight)
tempDDPRight = tempMapRight.dataDrivenPages

# Loop creates individual pdf's for even numbered pages
for pgNumRight in range(2, tempDDPRight.pageCount + 1, 2):
  temp_filename = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED\MB_" + \
                             str(pgNumRight) + ".pdf"
  if os.path.exists(temp_filename):
  tempDDPRight.exportToPDF(temp_filename, "RANGE", pgNumRight)

# Append right and left-hand pages together in proper order
for pgNum in range(1, tempDDPLeft.pageCount + 1):
  print "Page", pgNum, "of", tempDDPLeft.pageCount
  tempPDF = r"C:\Laura GIS\maps\truck mapbooks\FINISHED\MB_" + str(pgNum) + ".pdf"

# Update the properties of the final pdf

# Save your result

# Delete variables
del finalPdf, mxdPathLeft, mxdPathRight, tempDDPLeft, tempDDPRight, 
tempMapLeft, tempMapRight, tempPDF