Setting up PostgreSQL database for the portal (running scripts/license problem)

Discussion created by sandesa_can on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by fliflafla
Dear colleagues:

I am trying to install geoportal through Windows 7 using PostgreSQL.

I am trying to set up a PostgreSQL database for the portal; specifically I am trying to run the "grants" and the "create scheme" scripts that are in the PostgreSQL folder.

I have copied and pasted all of the elements of the "bin folder" to the PostgreSQL folder. Whenever I run "grants_pg [host] [port] [database] [geoportal schema] [userToconnect] [geoportalUser"], I get the expected "Enter password for new role" message, but I am unable to type anything in the cmd window.

It says I need to obtain a license at

How can I obtain this license?

I copied the information I found on the URL above to a txt document and included the txt document inside the PostgreSQL folder. I ran the "grants_pg.cmd" again and obtained the same message as before (I need to obtain a license).

If you can tell me how I can effectively run this first script, I would be very grateful!!