Refresh SDE Table or FeatureClass

Discussion created by koder303 on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by majetivaraprasad
I have a timer which queries a Table (Table1) in SDE every 30 seconds. I have another component which makes entries into Table1 every 15 seconds. The problem is, once the first query on Table1 is made, it seems to "lock it" and does not detect new rows inserted by the second component. So before the first entry is made, my row count is 5. After a row is inserted, my count is still 5. After another row is inserted, my count remains at 5. If I restart the program, my row count is now 7 and the same process is repeated.

Inspecting the data through Catalog I am able to see the new entries being made every 15 seconds but only after I right click on the database and do a Refresh. I suspect I need to do something similar in C# but am unsure how (yet).

I am using IFeatureWorkspace to both make entries into the table and query it.

Do I need to release the IFeatureWorkspace in the same fashion as a Cursor so the next time it connects it establishes a brand new connection?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.