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Problems with Statistics

Question asked by citrusmosquito on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by ahoque-esristaff

I have 3 problems with Statistics:


A temporary service you can try this out on: REMOVED


1.) Statistics do not work with a version other than DEFAULT. So If I add a table in as version Office statistics do not work. If I add table in as version DEFAULT statistics do work. See Species_DEFAULT and Species_Office in map service above.


2.) If a versioned table is added to a feature service, it shows it supports statistics in the feature service but not in the map service. It in fact doesn't support then in either. I don't have a public example of this ATM.


3.) Statistics do not work with views. I create a view in the sde (SQL Express) via ArcCatalog and add it to a map service as version DEFAULT. Rest map service shows it supports statistics in both DEFAULT and Office versions but statistics do not work. See vInspectionsMosSites_Office and vInspectionsMosSites_DEFAULT in map service above.


A quick and easy statistic I am trying out:
Where: 1=1


Output Statistics:


Is there going to be support for versioned statistics in a future release? It would be a pain to be able to edit data and not see the changes in the statistics.