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AGSGPSAutoPanModeCompassNavigation on Landscape mode

Question asked by holypromise on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by holypromise
Hi there,

I am currently using ArcGIS for iOS v2.3.2. (no time to update to the new version yet..).
I ran into a problem when I set my map's GPS navigation mode to AGSGPSAutoPanModeCompassNavigation
in which the map was supposed to rotates to face the direction the user is facing.

This work fine when the app is in the portrait mode. But in the landscape mode, I found out that the rotation angle
of the map comparing to the actual direction the user is facing, is off by +/- 90 degree! :(

I need help there a way to fix this? I tried to set the map angle to be +/- 90 degree before I start the navigation
mode in landscape, but that did not work since the the map would just rotates itself back to the angle it's think is 'correct'..

Please help me!