Missing values in output raster calculation.  What's going on?!

Discussion created by johndriz on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by johndriz
I'm have a strange and almost embarrassing problem with a very simple raster calculation.  I have 13 rasters, all the same projection, all the same format.  I'm simply multiplying each raster by an integer value and adding them together ex. ("Ras1" * 3) + ("Ras2" * 11) etc.  The resulting output does not include values which should definitely be there, its as if several of the input rasters are not being included although the expression is valid with no errors.  Any ideas?

I also batch converted all of the rasters into grid format to ensure continuity.
For now, I'm trying separate raster calculator multipications for each input into a temporary database, then using raster calculator again to add them together.  This prolongs the process and I really hope it works overnight.