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Symbol idea for depicting way person faces information sign

Question asked by cpoynter on Feb 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by cpoynter
Hi All,

I am looking for ideas on 1) a symbol that exists or 2) one that I might make, to represent how an information sign relates to a person looking at it to orientate themselves to their surroundings.

We have several signs placed around my place of work so that people and find there ways to buildings. What is happening is that some people when facing the signs (they are marked with a 'you are here' identifier) don't realise that some buildings may be to their left or right because the map is orientated with north to the top but the sign is erected facing east and the person viewing is facing west.

I don't want to re-orient the map/dataframe, so looking for ideas on symbols that others may have seen or created and willing to share.