Vehicle Routing Problem Public transport

Discussion created by semmelhaack on Feb 17, 2013
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I already modelled a vehicle schedule based on a given public transport timetable.
- I modelled all starts / ends of the timetable trip as orders with TimeWindowStart1 = TimeWindowEnd1 and DeliveryQuantities = 1 for the end and PickupQuantities = 1 for the start
- all routes / vehicles have the capacity 1

- I set the start of trip as the FirstOrderName and the end of the trip as the secondOrderName in the Table OrderPairs

And the end I get the number of vehicle to fulfill the given timetable and some figures like non-productive times/kilometers.

In the next step I want to vary the start/end time of each trip, but I want to keep the travel time of each trip (it's not possible/ too much effort to model the travel time with each stop / stopping time). The aim is to check if there a solution with less vehicles, if I vary stop/end time of the trips a little bit.

So my question: Is there a way to give each order pair (public transport trip) a fixed transit time? At the moment the order pairs only offer the parameter MaxTransitTime