Research project using ArcMap (New to the ArcGIS suite)

Discussion created by davidj44 on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by MSummers-esristaff
I'm currently helping a professor try to calculate the percentage of a zipcode that overlaps with cities it lies in. For example, a single zip code might stretch across 3 different cities/municipalities and the goal is to find out how much of that zip code occupies each city. I've been told I can get shapefiles or layers to add into ArcGIS to accomplish such a task but I am having the hardest time finding a layer for municipal boundaries. I have searched for quite some time now and am getting kind of discouraged that I may never find one. I have a perfectly good one for zip codes and that includes the things I want like the population of each zip code. All I need is a layer that will show city boundaries on top of that. Does anyone know where I might find such a layer? This is only for Texas also; I don't need any other states. I don't have to use ArcGIS if there is a better way to accomplish this, so I am open to new options.

I'm also a total beginner when it comes to programs like this so try to explain everything in as much detail as possible. Thanks!

Also if this isn't the correct forum for the question I apologize. Wasn't sure which forum to post in.