Trouble with an iterator in a submodel

Discussion created by uqarl on Feb 16, 2013
Hi everyone,

I am currently having trouble with an iterator in a submodel.
What I am trying to accomplish is: Merging many folders with only one model and a sub-model. My submodel is composed of a workspace iterator, the output of this iterator goes into my main model into a feature class iterator to a collect value too and then merge the collected data.

The issue is that my submodel execute itself completely, then transfer the data to my main model, that mean that only the last folder in my workspace is transfered into my main model.

I could use the collect value tools to gather the data from my submodel then to use then in my main model but the problem would be to feed the collected data one by one (what my workspace iterator just did, basically)

Is there a way to make the submodel send it's folder on at the time then send the other once the main model is finished? Either via a tool or a script?