just to confirm; Print requires Proxy?

Discussion created by kmacleod on Feb 15, 2013
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Does the printTask dijit need a proxy to work, when creating PDFs and using templates such as in the Print With Templates Sample?

I do think it does, based on this thread and others

Just wanted to confirm I was on the right track...

I copied the Print With Templates sample to my PC and ran it, and the Print button did not appear. However, when I instantatiate a new print dijit in my code, without inserting any of that template code, it prints out a PNG image into a new window just fine, using the ESRI server's print utility at  (and with hosting API locally)

    var PrintWidget = new esri.dijit.Print({
        map: map,
        url: getWebData.ArcGISCOMPrintService
    }, dojo.byId("PrintDiv"));

I recall seeing in the proxy docs regarding CORS that while javascript doesn't allow things across domains there is an exception for images. Is that perhaps why printing of the map as a PNG works with the ArcGISonline utility, even though we're hosting the 3.3 API locally?  I'd like to use the templates to print to PDF and include the legend, scalebar and title text. Thanks for any and all input!