Set Fishnet Template Extent to Enviro Set Extent "Same As Display"

Discussion created by sqril13 on Feb 14, 2013
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Hi -

I am attempting to use Modelbuilder and eventually Python to streamline some processes we use constantly. 

One of those processes uses the Fishnet Tool to create well, a fishnet of regularly space point for an analysis we do.

The three main things we always tweak are: Cell Size (x/y), Template Extent, and output.  I have set these as parameters and while I have issues with all three my main question is concerning the Template Extent as that is the most annoying set of values to set.

The Fishnet tool has an extent and if you select it as a parameter you get a drop down of all the feature classes/layers (?) only within the working mxd (or I suppose  you could load one). 

What I'd like to do is have the ability to set the Template Extent values (Top Bottom Left Right) to the values obtained from the Environment Settings >  Processing Extent using the "Same As Display" option.

But how???

Thanks in advance.  I have some trial models but they are confused disasters.