filter / generalize elevation points on the basis of some conditions

Discussion created by paopen69 on Feb 14, 2013
I need to generalize many elevation points in a rectangular area (about 700 square km).
I need to take only some points that satisfy some conditions: one of these conditions is to find the highest point in a buffer of 500m:
I would loop on all the points / "raster cell" (I think vector analysis will be too heavy, so I thought to do a "raster approach" creating an elevation grid from points) and give a score of "5" to the highest points / "raster cell" 500m around each. 
Another solution for this first condition could be:
1) create a polygon feature buffering the points (buffer radius = 500m)
2) select the highest point inside each buffer.
How could I do it?
I wanted to do it in an Arcgis model builder flow.
Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance! Paolo