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Backround color of Polygon-Feature based on Point-Feature data

Question asked by pichae on Feb 14, 2013
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Hello everybody,

Since a while I am having a problem. It sounds bretty basic but as my GIS experience is very small I cant solve the problem.

I have two different Feature-Class types. One Polygon-Feature and one Point-Feature. The Polygon-Feature is a file which describes a country and its federal states. The Point-Feature locates power plants with its electric performance. What i want to do is to give the federal states different backround colors, based on the data of the electric performance which is installed on the respective state.

I tried with simply using the propertys (symbology) of the Polygon-Feature. But I dont know how to interrelate to the Point-Feature atributes. I am using ArcInfo.

Thanks for any kind of help.