Public Gallery for Private Organization

Discussion created by RTreecare on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by RTreecare
After a few weeks of playing around with JS, I like the premise of adapting the public gallery template. We have an AGOL subscription but no ArcGIS server.  For now, we are hosting our javascript on our own server since I can see rewrites quickly.

I've run into some credential problems that I need some advice with. Web apps that I've written display private feature services fine after signing in with the identity manager. I've tried to test the public gallery template but can't seem to get past the sign in popup with non-public data. Here are some results from different tests:
Private group id - Sign in fails due to authentication and group gallery page never comes into focus

Public group id - private web apps - No sign in popup and no maps are found or displayed on gallery page

Public group id, public web apps - Maps appear in gallery and load without issue.

Other info that may help:
I am using the same proxy as previous testing.
All feature services are hosted on AGOL
Our website I host scripting on is not https.
Our AGOL organization does not have "Allow access to the organization through SSL only" checked under settings.
Also " Allow anonymous access to your organization" seems to have no effect.

If anyone has some input, it would be very appreciated. Perhaps there could be a sign in link on the gallery page that triggers private maps to be populated into the grid/list as well? This way we could still host public maps for citizens involved in community outreach programs.

Thank you.