Read Privileges of SDE Dataset

Discussion created by MickeyO-Neil on Feb 12, 2013

I try to read Privileges of all Users/roles in a Dataset. That's my code:

Dim pDatasetName As IDatasetName
pDatasetName = m_pDataset.FullName

Dim pSQLPrivilege As ISQLPrivilege
pSQLPrivilege = pDatasetName

Dim iPrivilege As Integer
iPrivilege = pSQLPrivilege.SQLPrivileges

It works fine, but I only get the Privileges of one User/role and I don't know which one. If you rightclick on a Dataset in ArcCatalog, than Manage--> Privileges you can see all Users of the Dataset with their Privileges.
How do I get Privileges of all Users/Roles in a Dataset?

Thanks for your Help!