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GenerateRendererTask with Dynamic Workspace

Question asked by ccposton on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by ccposton
Is it possible to use the GenerateRendererTask to generate a ClassBreaksRenderer for a dynamic FeatureLayer? I posted my current code below. I get an exception when executing the renderer task ("Invalid or missing input parameters."). My featureLayer.Url is http://<my-mapservice-url>/dynamicLayer.

I found this similar post under the Flex forums:

The solution there specifically says that I must set the Source property of the GenerateRendererTask. There is no Source property in the WPF api.

GenerateRendererTask generateRendererTask = new GenerateRendererTask(featureLayer.Url);     GenerateRendererParameters generateRendererParameters = new GenerateRendererParameters();      ClassBreaksDefinition classification = new ClassBreaksDefinition();     classification.BreakCount = 10;     classification.ClassificationField = "prop_id";     classification.ClassificationMethod = ClassificationMethod.NaturalBreaks;      ColorRamp colorRamp = new ColorRamp();     colorRamp.Algorithm = Algorithm.LabLChAlgorithm;     colorRamp.From = Colors.Yellow;     colorRamp.To = Colors.Red;      List<ColorRamp> colorRamps = new List<ColorRamp>();     colorRamps.Add(colorRamp);      classification.ColorRamps = new ObservableCollection<ColorRamp>(colorRamps);      generateRendererParameters.ClassificationDefinition = classification;      GenerateRendererResult generateRendererResult = generateRendererTask.Execute(generateRendererParameters);     featureLayer.Renderer = generateRendererResult.Renderer as ClassBreaksRenderer;