Applying custom symbols to a Hosted Map Service

Discussion created by wilbev on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by wilbev
So I know I can apply custom symbols in ArcMap before publishing a hosted feature service or individually change symbols in the ArcGIS viewer by importing a symbol from url but I was hoping there was some way to quickly add unique symbols to all attributes much like how importing a layer package in ArcMap works.  I know there is a way to have an empty feature service with all the symbology there but I was hoping for something similar but for new features added directly on ArcGIS.com.   Basically if I have a shp file with say 15 point features that I want a unique symbol that shows a push-pin that has actual number labels on them (1 thru 15)  If I click "Add Item" and select the shp file and have the option to use an existing feature service's symbology or attach a layer package for symbology.  Thus it wouldn't show the default orange points but rather the symbology I selected.  Maybe there is another way to currently do something like this now?