advanced label expression in Arcgis server doesn't label

Discussion created by sondickerson on Feb 11, 2013
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I'd like to use the following advanced label expression for a layer in a map service.  This javascript function works in arcmap, but does not label the features when its published as a map service.  In the publishing preview window the labels do appear, but not in the finished service. 

function FindLabel ( [NPC_CATEGORY_ID] )

var labelValue = [NPC_CATEGORY_ID];

for (var i=0,l=idArray.length; i<l; i++)
   if  (idArray[i] ==  [NPC_CATEGORY_ID] ){
     labelValue = codeArray[i];

return labelValue;


Although, it doesn't present a solution that I could use, the following thread is similar:

If you have any thoughts on this one, please let me know.
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