Carto Commander tool

Discussion created by babakkasraie on Feb 8, 2013

I have selected some features in my map.
Now I need to store the selected features in the PLTS_CartoExceptions table located in the current production database and exclude them from cartographic feature processing by the Carto Commander tool.

It is something that the "Exclude Unselected Features" tool does.

I used some codes like this.

 product library and production database workspaces
inProductLibrary = "h:/project/MWQM.mdb"
inProductionDb = "h:/project/MWQM.mdb"

# AIS data model
inDataModel = "AIS Charting::"

# input carto features
inFeatures = layer

# Instances maintained
inInstance = "Aeronautical::Enroute::Lower::SANFRAN::SANFRAN"

# execute Carto Commander
res = arcpy.CartoCommander_aeronautical(inProductLibrary, inProductionDb, inDataModel, inFeatures, inInstance)

print "Successfully created cartos in " + str(res.getOutput(0))

but they don't work.

How can I use these codes to exclude unselected features in my map?

I will appreciate it if somebody helps me.