Setting order of operation of submodels

Discussion created by shawndevereaux on Feb 8, 2013
I have a model that has two sub models and that's it.

Sub1 is a python script that checks for a folder's existence. If it exists, all sub folders are deleted.  If not, the folder is created.
Sub2 is a model that iterates through and creates new sub folders in that folder created by Sub1 and does geoprocessing and drops resulting data in the appropriate folder.

My problem is how do I make Sub1 run before Sub2?   I don't appear to be able to set a precondition between two sub models.

From what I understand (which is little, I'll admit), I can't include the Sub1 python script in the Sub2 model since the iteration will run all the tools in model when I only need this tool run once.  I've tried it and that happens and I'm left with only data from the last iteration.

Any ideas?