Subtypes and combining fields

Discussion created by krobins79 on Feb 8, 2013
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I've got a more complicated question this time.  I'm working with a road file.  I have a large dataset with road name information. The way we've created our dataset is to have each part of the road name in it's own field...for example Base Name, Street Type, Street Suffix, Street Direction, Street Prefix, and so on.

I'm attempting to populate the Full Street Name field (string), but at least two of the above mentioned fields are sub-types.  So I can't use field calculator (datatype mismatch).  At this moment, I'm using the Domain to Table tool and joining the created tables to my Street Name Table, then using field calculator.  It works, but I'm thinking that there has to be some type of code that I can use to get around the subtype issue.

Any thoughts?