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Labeling expression

Question asked by Pi-Hellz on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by Pi-Hellz

I have an SQL Query that determines if the label is on or off ("area" >= 20000) ! Also I have a conditioning label expression for the field i want to display. I was wondering if it's possible to concatenate them into the label expression.

def FindLabel ( [SitPPtr]  ):   if [SitPPtr]   == '-34:40' or [SitPPtr]  == '-17:20':     return "n.d."   else:     return [SitPPtr]

I've tried this expression below but I think i'm missing something :

def FindLabel ( [Superficie], [SitPPtr]  ):   if [Superficie] >= 20000:     if [SitPPtr]   == '-34:40' or [SitPPtr]  == '-17:20':       return "n.d."     else:       return [SitPPtr]   pass 

Thanks you for your help