How to copy mosaic footprints to a feature class

Discussion created by vudangtc on Feb 7, 2013
We are upgrading our 9.3.1 image service to 10.1 Mosaic Datasets.  With 9.3.1, we were able to copy the footprints of a mosaic by opening the footprint shape file from a script.  However in 10.1, this seems impossible.  Yes, the footprint layer resides inside the mosaic and is accessible from ArcMap as if it were a feature class with the ability to edit footprints and even adding new fields.  Unfortunately none of these functions are accessible from the model builder or via scripting.  I cannot drag the footprint layer to the model builder nor can I reference the footprint layer from a python script.

Is there any way to copy the footprints of the mosaic out to an external feature class or shape file?

Vu Dang