Confuse API reference notes esri.geometry.lngLatToXY(long, lat, isLinear)

Discussion created by amarsden on Feb 7, 2013
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OK - late in the day here but on

For esri.geometry.lngLatToXY(long, lat, isLinear)

the example is

 var normalizedVal = esri.geometry.xyToLngLat(42215329, 1321748);
 console.log(normalizedVal); //returns 19.226, 11.789
 var value = esri.geometry.xyToLngLat(42215329, 1321748, true);
 console.log(value); // returns 379.22, 11.78

But the part for esri.geometry.xyToLngLat(long, lat) has no examples

Am I just confused?  All I am trying to do is use these to go from UK WKID (27700) to google map friendly co-ordinates (I realise there may be a small error, but all I need is a good approximation)